• R. Gen. João Manoel, 407 Centro/POA-RS
  • Seg - Sex 6:30 - 22:00.


Perguntas Mais Frequentes

Abaixo, você encontrará respostas para algumas das perguntas mais frequentes na Body Coach Lounge. Estamos constantemente adicionando as perguntas mais frequentes a esta página. Se você não encontrou a resposta que procura, não hesite em nos enviar um e-mail para sac@bodycoachlounge.com.br

Funcionamos de Segunda a Sexta das 8:00 as 12:00 e das 13:00 as 18:00.

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to cancel your appointment make sure you call us or email us 1 day ago before cancellation.

Please visit contact us page for all your queries and redressal of grievances. You can also contact us on +12 (3) 4567 899 number.

First appointment, please bring the following:
  • Insurance card
  • A picture Photo
  • Any previous medical records (including test results from other clinics)
  • All current medications (with prescription )
Repeat Patient Appointments
  • All current medications (with prescription )

Our Hospitals are multispecialty hospitals and offer the complete range of medical and surgical specialties, with highly experienced doctors.

Yes, we have an ambulance service 24*7 available.

All the medicines are provided by the hospital pharmacy only.